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Fetish is a very diverse matter. One can be all obsessed by bondage or BDSM, but most fetishes are far more specific. I know a lot of people who love waterbondage, electrical play. Fisting is also considered a fetish and one theme that we will find in many fetishes is the clothing. Most people who are into fetish love latex, lace and leather. Wearing those leather or latex clothes will give you a very special feeling, which is an important part of fetish. Also very common is the roleplay where one person is the dominating person and the other is the submissive one. This kind of fetish play is always something that is well discussed before the real action begins, so every person who participates in this roleplay knows the rules and the limits of the others. This way fetish and hard BDSM can be done safe.

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One of the hottest things in BDSM must be public disgrace. This is a scenario where a submissive person gets tied up and is taken out on the streets. This outdoor roleplay is rare and could get the slave and dominant in trouble. Not all countries are tolerant when it comes to public erotics and walking on the streets all in ropes and leather or lace clothes. There is one site from the famous BDSM art house Kink wich is totally new and explores the borders of public disgrace and outdoor BDSM. The site is called Public Disgrace, and as you might expect it is about hot chicks who are taken out on the streets and get humiliated whiled tied in ropes and get spanked and even perform public sex.