This is the first time



Her very first time
She was a little shy
There she goes
She is in the mood !!!

Crystl was a little nervous as she slowly
began to strip off her clothes....

Look at that great ass
Her tits are very tasty, she likes to lick them as you watch
She is awfully sexy
As she touches her cunt she gets all wet and horny

The first time with a camera pointed at her but she became
comfortable real quick. It all felt so natural.

Now it's play time. She really just loves big toys
Slowly she inserts the giant dildo
As the guy entered the whole situation changes. Now there is a big dick to play with !!!
Even the thought of a cock makes her wilder and wilder

At the time Pete entered she was hot and wet allready
and she needed no more words.

Now it was time to suck dick
She was getting in to this sex party
Slowly she sat on his hard dick

Nw he took her from behind

Pete thought he had to deal with a shy firsttimer,
but this chick was a talent.
She knew just what to do and wasn't so shy after all.

Doggy style
He was ready to "cum"
Come in my mouth, she begged
She was all happy, with her nice face all covered in cum


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