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Tom and Angela are friends for a long time now. They never had sex but always were close. They could really talk about everything. Angela is a few years older and Tom feels safe with her. He really has this feeling he could tell her all his secrets. So this one night they were relaxing at his place and Tom told her he really had this kinky fantasy about peeing. He also told her he didn't dare to ask his girlfriend because he was afraid it would scare her and she would brake up with Tom. So he figured he could talk about this thing with his best friend, Angela. She reacted a little bit surprised and told Tom he was a real naughty boy. Tom started laughing and felt a little guilty he started this conversation. But then everything changed as Angela said, I have to go to the toilet and take a piss, wanna come with me............ So their adventure started, they went to the bathroom and decided to do it in the bathtub. That way it was safe to make a mess while pissing. So after Tom entered and had a hard cock Angela started sucking it while whispering all those nasty things to Tom, like come on Tom, pee in my mouth while I suck it, you dirty piss maniac. This whole night turned in to one horny watersports play.
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