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I'm sure you guys have seen me having some girl on girl fun with Michelle Lay before. She is high energy, funny, and sexy as hell! Each time we meet is better than the last, she's definitely one of my all time favorite girls. The first time we hooked up, Michelle and I met up alone for some girlie fun. This time, I promised her I would bring her Jon's big cock to suck on! He was more than willing to take on a blonde and brunette at the same time!

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I looked up at Jon and could tell he was ready for more. Jon and I were a team, taking on Michelle like she was our own fuck toy...we started licking her pussy, even turning her upside down and licking her pussy and ass at the same time!! She was loving it, and so were we! Michelle said she was dying to see Jon shoot his load all over her tight ass. She stood up and pushed her butt back toward him while I sucked his swollen cock deep and fast. I wanted to see him plaster her ass with a thick white pool of cum.

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