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So Marie begs him to fuck her brains out. I mean really fuck her hard. Marie has seen this babes on some porn movies who were squirting. So she read some things about it and figured that when she would ask Tom to fuck her she might get that squirting orgasm as well. It has something to do with the stimulation of a certain spot in the vagina and with
suck a huge cock it should be possible she figured, as long as he would penetrate her
in a specific way. He wasn't allowed to shove it in totally because that way he would
miss the spot. So Tom fucks her deep and wicked and the two of them are really having a good time. The Marie start getting wetter and wetter and all kind of fluids start gushing out of her pussy The couch gets all wet and Tom continous to fuck her like a real stud. Marie sreams and screams and gets this strange orgasm. She feels all kind of funny things happening in her body. When Tom pulls out his monster cock she squirts and Tom gets all wet. Then she decides to lick it of the couch before she is gonna taste Tom's cum..... And squirt again all over his dick......

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